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Project Details

Ref: S-01
Name: Preventive Maintenance for 6 meteorological stations
Location: Guinea
Customer: Confidential
Business Area: Solar
Date: 2017
Status: Completed


Firnas Shuman has been contracted to conduct a preventive maintenance on 6 meteorological stations in Guinea. The stations have not been supplied nor installed by Firnas Shuman, and still our experience and knowledge has served the purpose of ensuring the correct installation and functionality of the stations.

  • Verification of the installation (of towers, supports, grounding etc.) to ensure the stability and the safety of the stations;
  • Verification of the correct calibration and maintenance of the meteorological equipment (data logger, sensors, data transmission etc.), to ensure the correct continuity and reliability of the data;
  • On-site training to local laborers on how to conduct a periodical maintenance.