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Project Details

Ref: S-14
Name: 50 MW Photovoltaic (PV) power plant in Benban, Egypt
Location: Egypt
Customer:  Mainstream Renewables
Business Area: Solar
Date: 2016
Status: Ongoing


The customer is planning to build a 50 MW PV Power plant in Benban, Egypt. The project, supported by international funds, falls under the feed-in tariff program of the government of the country.  Prior to construction, a project of this kind requires a study to identify important data to estimate the potential production of a plant, to design the plant for optimum result and to reduce the uncertainty associated with such projects.
Firnas Shuman has been chosen to conduct a bankable solar resource measurement campaign, including supply, installation, operation, and maintenance of a solar meteo-station.

  • Supply and install a solar mete-station (including tracking unit and shading apparatus to measure direct, diffuse, and global solar irradiation as well wind speed, direction, ambient temperature, humidity, pressure, temperature of solar modules, and impacts of soiling);
  • O&M;
  • Data collection and monitoring;
  • Resource assessment;